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By | October 11, 2013

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The holiday season, or more bluntly, the season of excessive eating is about to commence. It starts with Halloween. Have you noticed the grocery stores starting to group the sugar, sprinkles, canned pumpkin, flour, cinnamon and other baking provisions in one location? It’s baking season, and over eating, and busy-ness. Add lack of self-care and little-to-no exercise to the next few months as well. Maybe you want to lose weight, go on a diet or  improve your overall health but think that you can not do it now because of the impending season of excess. Similar to big decisions such as starting a family or leaving a safe job to start a dream career, there will never be a perfect time.

So, I am here to say that if you want to get healthier, do not wait. While you may need to choose the right time to do a restrictive program, you can always find a way to incorporate healthy living and diet into your life. However, when I use the word diet, I do not mean it the way most people do. Many think of diet as a temporary regimen we try our best at to lose weight. One often hopes that a diet is a short-term sacrifice with a limited time frame…3 weeks, 3 months maybe? Most people start out very motivated and some even see results. This is fantastic. You need to see early results with anything to stay motivated. In my house we call that the “crumbs that fall from the table”, as in just give me some crumbs. Crumbs represent hope.

But the problem  is our mindset. Just because Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, does not mean that you have to be trapped in a sea of unhealthy choices. If you are using the time of year as an excuse to not be healthy, you need a paradigm shift. I am here to tell you that you should NEVER, EVER go on a DIET. The Greek root of the word diet is diatia, which refers to a way of life toward wellness, and is more than just a regime of eating do’s and don’ts.

This paradigm shift into healthy living does not mean complete deprivation. Quite the contrary. It is about finding balance. Compete deprivation of what you find pleasurable (even if it is fatty, sugary ice cream) is a recipe for disaster. Only the most monastic among us can do this and they live separated from the reality of every day life in convents and abbeys.

I encourage the 90/10 lifestyle. It is 90% healthy and 10% whatever you want. Or maybe if you are really just beginning a health journey, it could look more like 80/20 for you. Although it is heavily weighted towards the healthy side (the 80-90% are the things that are known to support health and vitality), I find that this lifestyle brings peace, good sleep, enhanced immunity and a trimmer waistline to most of the people who I work with.  I personally find tremendous pleasure and delight in the 90% and it is where I find my balance. I never feel deprived because if I want something in the 10% category, I will have it.


Most Americans (and Asians, Europeans, and others….many nations are catching up to the American way) eat in a disproportionately wrong way. The Standard American Diet (SAD) comes from overwhelmingly processed foods, most of which are produced by 10 multinational corporations. These corporations do not have your health in mind. They are beholden to their shareholders and their goal is to create repeat customers. How do they do that? Powerful advertising and foods that are engineered by chemists to be addictive is my best guess. Show me one potato chip lover that can eat a serving size of potato chips. We do not need another diet, with its deprivations and burdensome calorie counting, we need a new way of life.


If you are, it is understandable. Nutrition advice can sometimes be conflicting and the country’s largest nutrition association, The Association of Nutrition and Dietetics, takes subsidies from Big Food (think Nestle, Kraft, etc). Over the last few decades, billions of dollars have been spent convincing us to buy convenience foods. Government subsidizes the crops that are used as ingredients in processed food, such as corn and soybeans and wheat. Fruits and vegetables are actually called “specialty crops” by the USDA! The healthy foods like broccoli and watercress and apples and oranges are not subsidized by the USDA and made available at our nation’s schools. No wonder most people are confused. Our very own government does not promote truly healthy eating.


Food is a common bond we all share. It is our fuel for life and energy and wellness. However, figuring out what to eat has become increasingly challenging. There is a direct connection between what you eat and your health. We are accustomed to taking a pill to fix health problems, but this only relieves the symptoms and does not address the underlying cause. Even vitamins, which most people need, will not fix your health issues if they are not part of a lifestyle of good health.

As a health coach, my role is to teach you how to make healthier choices in an easy and non-overwhelming way.  Working together, we discover the food and lifestyle choices that support you. What works for me may not be for you. Some people can tolerate dairy, others can not.  I work alongside you to make gradual, sustainable changes that will support a lifetime of good health.

For more information about how I can help you navigate the holiday season and feel great, please contact me at Riverwalk Chiropractic 908-350-7179 or at I am offering every reader of this blog a complimentary health history consultation, either in person at Riverwalk Chiropractic in Basking Ridge or via Skype. I would love to hear from you! So do not wait :)


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~ The Lady in Red ~ on October 11, 2013 at 9:37 pm.

I couldn’t agree more! Never diet! Lifestyle changes are the key to maintaining a healthy weight and a healthy body! The goal should always be to eat less out of packages and boxes, and more fresh food. If you follow that rule alone, you should see a marked difference in how you feel and look.


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